Mold Removal

If you find mold or suspect there is mold in or on your property, leave it to the professionals. Mold can easily begin to spread if not handled properly, and exposure to mold spores can be harmful to your health. You don’t want to try taking care of it yourself if you don’t have the proper equipment or knowledge of how to remediate mold. 

Mold spores may lay dormant for long periods of time, but once the right conditions exist that allow the mold to grow, it can easily become disturbed and spread throughout your property. Regardless of how much mold or how big the property, we can handle it all from residential properties to commercial properties – even high-rise buildings or condos.

Mold poses multiple risks if you find it in your property. Not only can it damage your property, but it can also cause a musty odor or cause damage to your belongings. Most serious of all is the health risks it poses, particularly for those who have compromised immune systems, the elderly, and small children who can suffer from breathing in mold-infested air. Don’t wait to get mold remediated if you discover mold growing. Leave it to the experts.

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Your Certified Mold Experts

Quality Restoration is an IICRC mold certified company. Rely on our team of experts to get any and all mold remediated from your residential or commercial space. We are prepared with the proper equipment and skills needed to remediate mold in the correct manner so as to keep it contained and prevent it from spreading. When you work with our team to have mold removed, you won’t have to worry about further mold growth. We are here to help restore your property back to a healthy environment. 

Our team also works with all insurance companies and will help manage insurance claims for you. This ensures the fastest processing of your claim while simplifying the entire process for you. Contact us today if you suspect you have a mold problem.

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